September Issue Marie Claire: Happiness kit

handmade visuals.com was invited to make an infographic for the Marie Claire September Issue. The main topic was “The happiness kit” and the inspiration came from the handmade visualization tool kit that Jose Duarte had released months ago.


For the magazine article they asked me about my work and what i thought about happiness. Here are some questions: (It must be the most cheese graphic i have made, but i still like it)

1. Define yourself in three colors (and briefly explain why)…

Green, blue and orange. I am a really tall and big person with a huge beard, so people usually think i am a very serious man. In contrast I see myself as a happy person with funny personality so i like to express my happinnes with my work and that is why i usually use exiting colors in my compositions.

2. Describe your graphic style in three words…

In this moment, I think the words would be “Handmade visual experience”.

3. What’s the power of infographics?

You can see the power of infographics when you can explain cronologically the story of the world to a 5 years old kid with a simple timeline image. The power of infographics is facilitate the cognitive process and communicate complex information with a simple visual story.
I try to generate a closer relation between people and information in my work and infographics is the natural way to do it effectivly.

4. Do you think it’s a new form of art? And Why?

I think infographics is not a new form of art by itself but an artist can use it as a tool for an artistic creation and experimentation or as an element to movilice emotionaly an audience. The infographics rol is not to become a piece of art but clarify concepts, evidence and communicate ideas.

6137116820_a34a060367_b-15. What was the happiest time in your entire life?

I think i have never been so happy as i am right now and the reason is simple: I realise that happinnes is not a moment you have lived, it is a summatory of many moments, situations, objetcs, people and experiences. If you can understand happinnes in that way, probably you will be a happy person that appreciate every single moment in your life as an experience. If you understand happiness in that way also you probably stop worry about to win the lotery, to have a car and an apartment and to get a girlfriend, and you will start to be happy with things you have and things life gives to you everyday. That was the idea behind the graphic, a lot of little experiences in your live make you happy, not a single moment.

The project shared pages with other relevant artists and designers as Ciro Esposito, Mari Grafsronningen, Tiffany Farrant-Gonzales and Dimitra Tzanos.

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