The #hmvtk published in Visual Storytelling by Gestalten


The handmade visualization toolkit #HMVTK was published in the Visual Storytelling book by Gestalten.

Visual Storytelling uses graphic design, infographics, illustration, and photography to convey information in the most elegant, entertaining, and informative way. Today, a new generation of designers, illustrators, data journalists, and graphic editors is expanding the creative scope of existing visual storytelling techniques -meeting the formidable challenge of extracting valuable news, surprising findings, and relevant stories from a daily flood of data head on.

Visual Storytelling is the first book to focus solely on contemporary and experimental manifestations of visual forms that can be classified as such. The rich selection of cutting-edge examples featured in the book is put into context with an introduction and text features by magazine expert Andrew Losowsky as well as interviews with the New York Times, Francesco Franchi, Density Design, Carl Kleiner, Antoine Corbineau, Golden Section Graphics, Les Graphicants, and Peter Grundy.

The subtitle of the book “Inspiring a New Visual Language” is the perfect brief of the content. Every single page is full of innovative ideas about how visualize information, including lots of handmade, analog data visualization examples.

The chapters: 1) Seeing the News 2) Viewing Science and Technology 3) Looking at travel and Geography 4) The modern world 5)Observing sports


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