Visualized 2012: A few physical visualization examples

8200028163_c739c6fe50_bVISUALIZED explores the evolution of communication at the intersection of data, storytelling and design.

Join us for an inspiring two-day gathering with the brightest minds and social innovators from around the world who are changing how we understand and interact with data; and gain insight into designing data-driven narratives that connect with audiences and visualize the human experience.

Your data has a story to tell. It’s our goal to have attendees walk away inspired with new ideas on how to make a bigger impact when visually sharing the story of their data, whether it is for personal use, business, education, or social innovation. We’re working hard to make sure that this event is as unique and entertaining as it is engaging and educational.

People with a strong balance between creative and analytical thinking will be emphatically thanked and high-fived by both sides of your brain for attending, particularly those interested in any combination of the following:

El pasado 7 y 8 de Noviembre se llevo a cabo el evento visualized en el Times Center de la ciudad de Nueva york.

El evento reunió a más de 500 asistentes interesados en la visualización de información, el story telling, la comunicación visual y el diseño. Habian personas de todos los campos, periodistas, científicos, investigadores, diseñadores, artistas, ingenieros y todo tipo de entusiastas en el tema.

El recibimiento fue muy bueno, a caba asistente le entregaban una bolsa con regalos dentro, como

En cuanto a los speakers, la selección fue important. personas que se destacan en el mundo de la visualización desde diferentes áreas, para destacar por su trabajo en visualización análoga  rachel binx. en total 32 speakers que mostraron su trabajo en 20 minutos.


This is the complete list of speakers (I will post about the work of some of them later):

Hilary Manson Chief Scientist at Bilty

Alexis lloyd Creative technologist NewYork Times R&D

Javier de LaTorre CEO and Co-founder of Vizzuality

Alexander Chen Designer at Google creative Lab

Santiago Ortiz Info visualization researcher

Neil Halloran Creator of Visualbudget.com

Scott Belsky Ceo at Behance

Theo Watson Founder  of DESIGN I/O and Open Frameworks

Gustav Sydow Ceo and founder of Burt

Kim Rees Head of information design at Periscopic

Katy Harris Information designer at Fathom

Sha Hwang Design technologist at Trulia

Mike Driscoll Ceo and Co-founder of Metamarkets

Amber Case Cyborg anthropologist, Geoloqi Inc.

Sarah Williams Director of the Civic Design project MIT

Rachel Binx Co-founder at Meshu

Peter Crnokrak Information graphic artist

Simon Rogers Data journalist and editor at The Guardian

Sven Ehmann Creative director at Gestalten

Arlene Birt Information designer, Background stories

Paul D Miller Dj Spooky

Deroy Peraza Partner at Hyperakt

Cedric Kiefer Creative director at Onformative

Michal Migurski Partner and director at Stamen

Benjamin Wiederkehr Interactive things and Datavisualization.ch

Shan Carter Interactive graphics at the New York times

Maral Pourkazemi Applied Science program at Potsdam

Tom Macwright Hacker at Development Seed & Mapbox

Matthew Eppler NYU interactive telecommunications program

Jake Porway Founder and Executive director of Datakind

Eddi Para Partner at Pentagram

Al final una fiesta para celebrar las oportunidades que surgen en el campo de la visualización!

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